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2-Digit Interstates 2-Digit Interstates
A listing of all one and two digit interstate routes. - | Travel Details & Reviews

3-digit Interstate Highways 3-digit Interstate Highways
Location, history, and trivia. Includes ones that were proposed but never built. - | Travel Details & Reviews

3dis that Aren't--State Route Spurs and Loops 3dis that Aren't--State Route Spurs and Loops
Information about state routes that could be an interstate of the same number. - | Travel Details & Reviews

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
Much information on this consortium. - | Travel Details & Reviews

American Society of Highway Engineers American Society of Highway Engineers
Newsletters, FAQ, and other features relevant to the trade. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Appalachian Regional Commission Development Corridors Appalachian Regional Commission Development Corridors
Unofficial site which explains these potential thoroughfares. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Bygone Byways Bygone Byways
Descriptions of current and former US routes 66, 80, 99, and 101 as well as other notes. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Coast to Coast on US 50 Coast to Coast on US 50
History and other information. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Corporate Sponsor Adopt A Highway Program Corporate Sponsor Adopt A Highway Program
Lists the steps which may be taken for Adopt-A-Highway Litter Removal Service of America, Incorporated to manage the section which is requested. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Eastern Megalopolis Bypass Eastern Megalopolis Bypass
Private proposal. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Federal Highway Administration Federal Highway Administration
Much content on many aspects, including an official Interstate route log. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Gorp's Top Ten US Scenic Drives Gorp's Top Ten US Scenic Drives
List which includes details on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Seward Highway, California 1, Vermont 100, and the Custer Scenic Byway. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Heartland Expressway Heartland Expressway
A proposed divided highway running between Rapid City, South Dakota and Denver, Colorado, also known as High Priority Corridor 14 of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991. ... - | Travel Details & Reviews

High Priority Corridors High Priority Corridors
Information about these highways which have been set aside as most important in the 1998 bill "Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21)". - | Travel Details & Reviews

Highway Deficiencies Highway Deficiencies
A compendium of substandard features. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Highway History Highway History
Federal Highway Administration page with a collection of articles including those on U.S. Highway numbering and creation of the Interstate system. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Highways.TV Highways.TV
Links to state transportation resources throughout the country including weather, cams, reports, and hotel reservations. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Historic U.S. Route 1 Historic U.S. Route 1
Narrative on what can be found at various points along Route One, from Fairfield, Connecticut to Aroostook, Maine. - | Travel Details & Reviews
Includes the Interstate Guide, the List of Interstate Business Routes, and the Interstate Shield Gallery. Extensive coverage. - | Travel Details & Reviews
Covers the respective region of the country. Includes historic maps, planning documents and reports, and photos. - | Travel Details & Reviews

MotorcycleRoads.US MotorcycleRoads.US
Compilation of lists specifically for motorcyclists who prefer scenic or winding routes. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Road Trip USA Road Trip USA
Great detail on various at-grade long-distance routes. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Roads, Highways and Trails Roads, Highways and Trails
Detailed personal travelogue. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Route 40 - National Road Route 40 - National Road
Guide to the first federally-funded road in the U.S. (1800s) and the route which followed it later (US 40). - | Travel Details & Reviews

SmarTraveler SmarTraveler
Traffic reports for cities and other travel information. - | Travel Details & Reviews

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