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3D Modeling of Phreatic Karst Caves 3D Modeling of Phreatic Karst Caves
An analysis of cave geometry modelling methods by Todd R Kincaid, USA. - | Travel Details & Reviews

BCRA Cave Surveying Group BCRA Cave Surveying Group
UK organisation to promote discussion, research, information dissemination, and practical help on cave surveying. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Cave Survey Data in XML Cave Survey Data in XML
The proposal and ongoing effort to establish XML based standards for the representation of cave survey data. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Cave Surveying Discussion Group Cave Surveying Discussion Group
Post a question or browse the archives. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Cave Surveying Notes Cave Surveying Notes
A detailed paper on the treatment and minimising of errors in surveying. - | Travel Details & Reviews

CaveScript XML CaveScript XML
A cave survey and map data format for storing all information about a cave survey or an entire cave map. - | Travel Details & Reviews
Underwater cave survey techniques, links to cave survey computer programs, and cave survey projects in Florida and the Bahamas. - | Travel Details & Reviews
Worldwide cave survey database, with limited viewing of surveys and links to the survey publishers. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Compass Points Compass Points
The Journal of the BCRA Cave Surveying Group - | Travel Details & Reviews


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