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Biplane Biplane
4 Line plane made from cardboard - | Travel Details & Reviews

Biplane n°10 Biplane n°10
3D quadline kite made from cardboard. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Brut Brut
Minimalist quadline arch. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Brut Brut
Simple 4 line kite constructed out of Tyvek - | Travel Details & Reviews

Dabbler and Dribbler Dabbler and Dribbler
A 2 or 4 line single skin hybrid traction kite. Including Surfplan sled design program. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Duo d'Arc Duo d'Arc
Graceful 4-line dual arch. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Masque Masque
Unusual 4 line assymetrical Kite - | Travel Details & Reviews

Nasawing Nasawing
A MS Windows application for calculating plans for this soft, single skin kite. - | Travel Details & Reviews


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