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Bird Shots Bird Shots
David McGeachy offers kite and poll aerial photography galleries and detailed Iimages of equipment. (Florida USA) - | Travel Details & Reviews

BirdsEye Aerial Photography BirdsEye Aerial Photography
Gallery of images taken from kites and gliders by Yvan(Belgium) - | Travel Details & Reviews

Charles Benton Charles Benton
A guide to kite aerial photography including background, equipment, a discussion section, and a gallery of 2,000 aerial photographs (CA, USA). - | Travel Details & Reviews

Charles Hall Charles Hall
Ultra lightweight camera rig plan, gallery, book reviews and a survey of historic KAP articles. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Dan Russell-Pinson Dan Russell-Pinson
The experiences of a beginner. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Doug Whitman Doug Whitman
KAP onboard the "Rose" tall ship. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Frank Louwers Frank Louwers
KAPing using commercially available kites with home built carbon fibre high-tech rigs. With picture galleries. (Belgium) - | Travel Details & Reviews

George's Kite Aerial Photography George's Kite Aerial Photography
A photographic Index of my Experiences with KAP. Includes Information about History and Techniques. (US) - | Travel Details & Reviews

Glen Thomas Glen Thomas
Small site about photographer using video view finder (South Africa). - | Travel Details & Reviews

John Maxworthy John Maxworthy
Well published KAPer with clear diagrams of rigs. Rokkaku plan (NY, USA). - | Travel Details & Reviews

Kevin Nickel Kevin Nickel
Kite Monger - pictures of kites and pictures from kites. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Kite Aerial Photography Kite Aerial Photography
Tom Nied uses a disposable camera with a manual rig producing a low cost, low weight, low tech system that offers maximum results. - | Travel Details & Reviews

KitesEyeView KitesEyeView
Kite Aerial Photography gallery and how tos. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Manfred Fuchs KAP Manfred Fuchs KAP
Information on equipment, triggering systems, and wind speed conversion table. (Germany) - | Travel Details & Reviews

North Side North Side
KAP in Pennsylvania around 1900. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Panoramic Photographs Panoramic Photographs
Collection of old KAP photos held in the Library of Congress. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Patrick Fulton Patrick Fulton
Ingenious KAP on a very limited budget. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Peter Bults Peter Bults
Digital encyclopaedia of Kite Aerial Photography - | Travel Details & Reviews

Roy Latham Roy Latham
Using KAP to build a library of images for texture-mapped graphics (CA, USA). - | Travel Details & Reviews

Scott Haefner's  Kite Aerial Photography Scott Haefner's Kite Aerial Photography
Aerial photos and 360 degree virtual reality panoramas taken from a kite. With a brief introduction on equipment. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Simon Harbord Simon Harbord
The feeling, the involvement, and the serendipity of KAP. Extensive site with 3D KAP and GameBoy KAP. - | Travel Details & Reviews


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