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How Stuff Works: How Hoverboards Will Work How Stuff Works: How Hoverboards Will Work  pop
Illustrated narrative basic information on hovercraft. - | Travel Details & Reviews
Links to hovercraft plans, maintenance information, tips and tricks on materials, suppliers, epoxy sandwich construction, clubs, and forum discussions. - | Travel Details & Reviews

ACV Designs ACV Designs
ACV designs, plans. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Aeromobile Inc. Aeromobile Inc.
US pioneer Dr. William Bertelsen web page - development of gimbal fan, aeroduct system for future mass transportation. Photo gallery. - | Travel Details & Reviews

AirLift Hovercraft Web Site AirLift Hovercraft Web Site
Designer - builder of 1 - 29 pax craft. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Hovercraft of Arkansas Hovercraft of Arkansas
Dealer for Hovertechnics crafts - | Travel Details & Reviews

Hovercrafts by Craftima Hovercrafts by Craftima
Dealer of Neoteric Hovercrafts in Finland which sells fully and partially assembled crafts. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Hovertravel Hovercraft Hovertravel Hovercraft
Supply new and pre-owned amphibious Griffon hovercraft in Southern Africa. From 5 to 100 seater craft. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Hummingbird Transportation. Hummingbird Transportation.
Marine transportation consulting and advisory service ( CA.) , specialising in the hovercraft/air cushion vehicle field. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Industrial Object Industrial Object
Designers of high speed hovercraft for up to 4 persons. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Mariah hovercraft australia Mariah hovercraft australia
Manufacturers of Hovercraft, Cargo and passenger from 5 person up to 50 tons, Suppliers of spare parts and components - | Travel Details & Reviews

Russian hovercraft Russian hovercraft
Hovercraft commercial / recreational 1- 32 pax - | Travel Details & Reviews

The Plan Depot The Plan Depot
Plans for hovercraft. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Universal Hovercraft Universal Hovercraft
Plans and kits for homebuilder, 1-10 person recreational crafts. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Welcome to the Canadian Hovercraft Federation Welcome to the Canadian Hovercraft Federation
Web based platform for Hover fans in Canada - free subscription - | Travel Details & Reviews


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