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LINKS: Skydiving Skydiving
Resources for 4-way formation skydiving, including advice, images, video clips, competition rules, dive pools, team listings, and coach information. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Aerosoftware Aerosoftware
Website offering skydiving software. - | Travel Details & Reviews
Information for novice and experienced skydivers, including global dropzone and skydivers databases, DZ reviews, skydiving classifieds, safety and training information, and the latest skydiving news. - | Travel Details & Reviews

For Sale For Sale
Free classified advertising for skydiving gear. Provided by Barry Chase. - | Travel Details & Reviews

FutureCam Skydive FutureCam Skydive
Photo gallery of frame grabs from video shot mostly at Perris, California. - | Travel Details & Reviews
Offering approved AFF skydiving courses. - | Travel Details & Reviews
News, events, photo gallery, classified ads, annual awards. Sells clothing and skydiving domain names. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Parachute History Parachute History
History of parachutes, skydiving, and parachuting. Includes people, events and inventions. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Skydive Asia Skydive Asia
Promotion of skydiving in Asia. Information about events, organizations and people. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Skydive Malaysia Skydive Malaysia
Club based in the Kuala Lumpur area. Focus is training beginners. Schedule, photos, news. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Skydive Taupo Skydive Taupo
With our expert tandem skydiving instructors, you'll jump out of our pink aircraft from 12,000 or 15,000 feet amd into an incredible freefall over the world's most stunning dropzone. - | Travel Details & Reviews
Provides information for beginners and locations. Includes clickable maps. - | Travel Details & Reviews

SkyVenture SkyVenture
Vertical wind tunnel in Orlando, Florida. Training aid for skydivers, or fun for non-skydivers. Information and prices. [Flash] - | Travel Details & Reviews

Speed Speed
Information and community about skydiving for speed. Rules, events, forum, contacts. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Stefan Banic Stefan Banic
History of Stefan Banic (1870-1941), from Slovakia, who invented the parachute and was awarded a US patent in 1914. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Stratoquest Stratoquest
Promotional site of a world record high altitude skydiving event and research project. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Sunset Squardron Inc. Sunset Squardron Inc.
Repair/repack services for parachute rigs, demonstration skydive coordination, tandem skydiving instruction in the Washington DC area. - | Travel Details & Reviews

The Bodyflight Network The Bodyflight Network
Website of Bodyflight University dedicated to the vertical wind tunnel industry. News, photos, videos. - | Travel Details & Reviews

The Skydiver's Enclave The Skydiver's Enclave
Free skydiving photo classifieds for equipment, events, services and employment. User-contributed photo gallery. Skydiving links. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Véloce Skydiving Véloce Skydiving
Information on skydiving in France. Includes details of dropzones and disciplines, training advice, information about the French Skydiving Federation, articles, and pictures. Available in French ... - | Travel Details & Reviews

World Freefall Convention World Freefall Convention
Held yearly at Quincy, Illinois, US. - | Travel Details & Reviews


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