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Aero Products Aero Products
Designs and sells kits, motors, and products for the radio control and control line enthusiast. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Aeromodelling Adventures of Charlie Stone Aeromodelling Adventures of Charlie Stone
Autobiography concerning the golden age of control line modeling in western Australia. - | Travel Details & Reviews
Dedicated to control line model aviation with photos, films, reports, daily updates, and considerable information for beginners as well as veterans. [multi-language site with English option] - | Travel Details & Reviews

Andy Whortons Control Line Home Page Andy Whortons Control Line Home Page
A source of information for those flyers or spectators who want to keep up to date with what's going on in the world of C/L model aircraft flying in the United Kingdom. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Australian Control Line Organizations Australian Control Line Organizations
A description of the clubs and organizations formed to promote control line aeromodelling during its years of popularity in Australia. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Barry Baxter's Controlline Plans Service Barry Baxter's Controlline Plans Service
Source for vintage control line combat and stunt airplane plans. History, available plans, and ordering information. - | Travel Details & Reviews

C/L Speed Review C/L Speed Review
Reaches out to novice modelers who have a strong interest in C/L speed and to promote the North American Speed Society. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Clflyer's Page Clflyer's Page
Dedicated to C/L model airplane enthusiasts by Bill Calkins. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Consolidated Models Consolidated Models
Control line World War II model airplane plans. Pictures, model data, and how to order plans. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Control Line Airplanes - Original Ring Control Line Airplanes - Original Ring
Collection of CL model aviation sites linked in usual ring fashion. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Control Line Combat Model Airplanes Control Line Combat Model Airplanes
Information and photos of the '99 East Coast super slow combat champs at this CL site. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Control Line Team Munich Control Line Team Munich
Information about all aspects of flying in the combat category F2D. German site with English language option. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Control-Line Combat Control-Line Combat
Provides an introduction and detailed look at the many facets of the sport, especially the design and construction of combat airplanes. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Control-line Model Airplanes Control-line Model Airplanes
A good introduction to control line models with articles and links. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Dave Days' Control Line Page Dave Days' Control Line Page
The intention here is to bring you up to date news of all things to do with control line with perhaps an emphasis on Vintage Stunt, the trailing edge of technology. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Dave's Aeromodelling Page Dave's Aeromodelling Page
Flying model aircraft can be a great sport or hobby and it doesn't have to cost the earth, concentrating on control line. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Navy Carrier Society Navy Carrier Society
Is the AMA recognized special interest group for C/L carrier flyers. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Nostalgia Diesel Combat Nostalgia Diesel Combat
Information about a low tech., low speed, low performance, and high fun CL event where everybody gets lots of flying and the destruction is minimal. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Progress Aero Works Progress Aero Works
Makers of PAW diesel engines for model airplanes and other types of precision engineering. Product line data, contacts, tips/FAQs, photos, and related links. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Reece's Control Line Adventures Reece's Control Line Adventures
A lighthearted look at learning to fly control line model aircraft by following the progress of juniors. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Rocky Mountain Aeromodelers Rocky Mountain Aeromodelers
Denver, Colorado - Control line model airplane club's information, contest data, pictures, and related links. - | Travel Details & Reviews

RSM Distribution RSM Distribution
Control line model aviation kits, supplies, and accessories. Order by phone. - | Travel Details & Reviews

ScaleMaster ScaleMaster
Control line model airplane electronic handles. Product information, pictures, related links, and how to order. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Skylancers of Washington DC Skylancers of Washington DC
CL model aviation club information, events, newsletter, officer contacts, pictures, articles, and contest page. - | Travel Details & Reviews

Stuka Stunt Works Stuka Stunt Works
A site for the model airplane enthusiast, offering useful products, help, hints, and ideas for the promotion of control line stunt. - | Travel Details & Reviews

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